Flow screed, also known as liquid screed or anhydrite screed, is made using a by-product of Gypsum. It creates a solid, smooth and even sub-floor. The flow screed is pumped onto the surface and is then laser-levelled for a more accurate finish.

Working from an agreed datum point supplied by the Contractor, all areas requiring screed are assessed using laser levels. Tripods are adjusted to ensure the correct level is achieved and then positioned in each area. The screed is pumped as a free flowing consistency making it quick and easy to lay. This allows the Contractor to save time creating better opportunity to manage other trades onsite.

Flowing screed dries rapidly in the right conditions and can be laid more thinly than traditional materials, making it a quicker and cheaper choice. Just 35mm of flowing screed will replace 75mm of conventional materials – the time and material costs saved can be significant for larger projects.

However, there’s no compromise on finish. In fact, flowing screed produces a stronger and more tolerant result than traditional screed, increasing the longevity of your floor.

Flowing screed is an excellent floor choice for both domestic and commercial projects; we simply adapt the flow to suit the floor space we have to fill.


  • Speed of installation saves labour costs
  • Reduced screed depth saves material costs
  • Fast drying time keeps your project moving
  • Laser-levelling ensures a smooth finish
  • Long lasting thanks to strength
  • Flow can be adjusted to suit room size
  • Conducts heat evenly
  • It’s 80% recyclable making it an environmentally friendly choice.


We offer a complete flow screed service across the UK. We can supply a quote for your job simply by using the details requested in our online quote request form. Alternatively, we are happy to discuss your project in more detail and will even make an on-site visit to help assess the requirements for your specific project.

Our team offer the best advice for your project and will get the job done quickly, efficiently and to a very high quality finish. We have a Team Manager on site at every job, no matter the size, to make sure everything runs smoothly. We offer a complete service, including installation of damp-proof membrane, insulation boards, perimeter edging, vapour barrier, and the ability to help with your underfloor heating requirements too.

We are based in Norfolk, but operate across Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire to provide liquid floor screed throughout the UK.

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